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-Lot #316 (10) 6" OD Slick Drill Collars Oilfield
-Lot #359 (4 )BOP Stainless Flex Hose 1 Oilfield
-Lot #315 Drill Pipe (1968') 4 1/2" Grade E Bottleneck Oilfield
-Pallet of Valves Oilfield
-Old Toledo Pipe Threader Oilfield
-Allis Chalmer Diesel, with air clutch mudpump powe
-Drill Pipe (142 joints') 3 1/2"
-Saftey Clamp Drill collar Baash Ross 9 Segment Oilfield
-Oilfield Packers / Anchors 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" (9)
-Saftey Clamp Drill collar Wooley 9 Segment for Oilfield Drilling Rig
-3" Water Hose reel and appx. 1000' Oilfield
-Drill Collar Safty Clamp B-R 9segment Oilfield
-3' High x 28' Long Triangular Pipe Racks (Set)
-3' High x 28' Long Triangular Pipe Racks (Set)
-Choke manifold 3000#
-Drill pipe tub Oilfield
-Pallet of Hammer Connections Oilfield
-Shop, 5 acres Fenced, Mosherville, Mi office shop
-Drill pipe tub Oilfield
-Lot #359 (4 )BOP Stainless Flex Hose 1 Oilfield
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