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EveryPart provides both buyers and sellers to participate in a fun and exciting way with online auctions in the process of electronic merchandising. To that end, state of the art, top proprietary software programs automate nearly all of the tasks involved to provide your own person to person online auction service. EveryPart is the most featured packed online auctions community on the web today and you'll be impressed with our many unique features.

Just one Great Feature includes Quick Photos, just click anywhere you see the and the photo appears. No more going to the descriptions and waiting to see photos!

No Basic Listing Fee.  No Fees to Buyers or Sellers!

Sellers: EveryPart has the Lowest Rates (0%) . There is no basic listing fee and there is no cost to you if the item(s) doesn't sell!  Featured Listings are a $-0-, Bold Listings are $ -0-. Pictures can also be added directly to your listing(s) from your computer. All you have to do is register.

If you select to have a Reserve/Buy Back Auction, whereby you start the bidding at a lower price than you're willing to actually accept, thus generating interest and bids, the seller cost is an insertion fee. Buy-back auctions have proved successful in achieving results for our sellers or coming very close to sellers buy back levels whereby allowing the seller to contact the underbidders if they so choose and creating the sale; therefore, we are entitled to an insertion fee; if the seller sets an unrealistic buy-back, the seller still has the opportunity to sell to the highest bidder and therefore a sale can be created.

Buyers: If you wish to bid, all you have to do is register, it's free! There are no buyers premiums or buyer percentages fees that you see at antique and collectible auctions today.

Auction Room Associates

We realize that not all of our customer's needs are the same, and so we offer options to satisfy everyone's needs.

Sellers (both commercial and private) may become an Associate and rent an auction room on a full or part time basis at EveryPart. A few of the features of being an Associate and having your own auction room here at EveryPart are:

  • Your name or business displayed throughout the site.
  • As an Associate, you will have the advantage of the high volume of traffic.
  • Lowest cost for selling and advertising for your business with no commissions due.
  • Your own auction room featuring only your auction items.
  • Daily updates and status reports as well as the number of times (viewings) of customers actually going to your individual item list pages.
  • Use of the EveryPart System and full support from the staff
  • Secure your own private auction room today and become an Associate!!

Auction rooms may also be rented on an "as needed" basis.

If you do not feel that these services fulfill your requirements, please feel free to contact us to arrange the type of service you need. We are here to serve you!

Buyers & Sellers: Let us take away your fears of transactions online by providing you an alternative for concluding the sale with secure transaction exchangers that are available for all EveryPart Users.
In cooperation with EveryPart, specializes in escrow like services that handles the final transactions between buyers and sellers to insure that each party will honor their part of finishing the sale. With their service you can buy and sell over the Internet knowing that your transactions is 100% secure. Go to and review the information so you know the particulars. The buyer and the seller would have to mutually agree to use an Escrow Service as to the normal sales procedures of the buyer sending payment directly to the seller and the seller then shipping the item(s) after payment is secured.

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